Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter weekend!

Easter is always a wonderful time. It brings spring time vibes and helps us remember Jesus Christ and the ultimate sacrifice he made for everyone. It was lovely to attend church and worship Him.
Around Christmas and Easter time, our church makes new videos and interactive website features to inform more people about what we believe in, Here is the #Hallelujah video they have for Easter this year. It still gives me chills.

On Thursday, I got off work at 4, and went straight home to start some baking. I made two batches of cupcakes, "unicorn bark" and candy coated pretzel sticks.
A sister we know from church lost her mother last weekend. We've known them for a long time. I decided to give this batch to her and her family. It's tough to lose someone you love, especially so close to a major holiday. I figured these would cheer them up so they could spend a happy Easter all together.

This is the unicorn bark. Basically just candy melts all mixed together with sprinkles. It is yummy though!

Here are the ones I made for my family. Just a vanilla cupcake with icing, and mini eggs and chocolate shavings to look like a bird nest. So cute and yummy!

On Good Friday, we were all off work, so mom invited the Elders over for lunch. We also invited our good friend Riley over. Dad made fried cod fish and potatoes. It was super great. I don't always like fish, but this time it was delicious. The Elders had to leave after we were done, but Riley stayed. We laid on the couch together watching YouTube videos and then we watched some TV. Riley took a quick nap on our couch, lol. When she woke up, we decided to take the cupcakes to the family I mentioned earlier. We spent some time talking with them out at their house, which was cool. I wish I had more time to visit people. 
Anyways, here was when we were laying on the couch, and Winnie decided we were comfy enough to rest a little on. She can be some cute sometimes.
On Saturday, I worked 9:30-5:30. That night I just kind of laid low, caught up on Grey's Anatomy ;)
Sunday morning, Dad went to Alberton to see my grammy, so just mom and I went to church. We went early since I'm in choir and we had to practice the song we were singing. We sand "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" which is a really great hymn. I love it. 
As I was skipping Sunday school, I stopped to chat with people in the hallway. It was myself, Alyssa, Haig, Riley, Megan and Steven. Long story short, we decided to take a squad selfie because we're awesome and we were all together and looked great.
I love these people so much. 

After church, I took Winnie for a walk at Victoria Park. She's still learning her walking manners, I just need to get her out more. 
For supper, we had pancakes and bacon and eggs. I love brinner ;) 
Mom and I went to the church where the women were planning to watch the church's General Women's meeting. It was actually on Saturday night, we watched in Sunday. It was really good. I might watch it again. I think a main theme the speakers spoke about was the amazing service the Relief Society organization provides around the world and about how Jesus Christ plays a major role in those forms of service. 

So yesterday, I went back to work, only 10-5 though. I also rented movies last night. I watched "The Intern" which was cute. I love Anne Hathaway, so that was awesome. I also rented "The Good Dinosaur" and "Sisters", so I hope those are good too!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Winnie got spayed! || YSA Stake Activity in Fredericton || Dad's birthday!

I haven't written in a while, and I'm sorry :( Been busy with work and my pets and binge watching Grey's Anatomy.

Winnie got spayed last week and since she is more prone to licking the stitches, she was given a cone. And it was so funny. I laughed all the way home. She was a little out of sorts for the first few days after, but she's getting back to normal now!

So, on Friday afternoon, some friends and I went to Fredericton for a church Young Single Adult activity. The YSA group is for people at church aged 18-30. My dear friend Megan lives in Fredericton and basically planned the whole weekend. And she did an awesome job of it!! She is so talented and smart and I love her for doing everything for us to have an enjoyable weekend. When we arrived Friday night, we did some introductions and played a giant zombie apocalypse game. We also had nerf guns. After we were all kind of tired from that game, we played "What's Yours Like". I'm  not going to explain it, but it's really funny!
I spent the night at Megan's apartment with her and two other girls from PEI, Charmaine and Kaitlyn.
On Saturday morning, we went back to the church for breakfast, then after that we played "Capture the flag but the floor is lava". We got into teams and got baskets full of random stuff to put on our feet or slide on to get to the others teams base. We eventually added the nerf guns again, lol. After the game, we had a lesson with Rick Cartier from Halifax. He is a really awesome guy. He got us to ask some questions so we could go into the scriptures together and find answers. It was great.
We then had lunch and then played "Eternal Family Feud" (or "Family Fued", as Megan spelled it, haha). We then went into different groups again, but one group went and did an "Escape Room" while the other group starting making soup in a jar as a service project for the food bank. After those two were done, we played a game similar to Mafa, but with different names and additions. It's hard to explain, but again, it was really funny!
As I was eating supper, Megan called me out to talk to me. Unfortunately, someone who came with me in my car had to get back to PEI for personal reasons. It was already going on 6 p.m. and it's about a three and a half hour drive. We were supposed to stay until Sunday morning, so the other two people in my car made other arrangements to get home. I went to Megan's apartment to get my stuff, then my friend and I stopped for gas and came home. It was kind of scary driving to the bridge. If anyone reading this has ever driven in New Brunswick in the dark, they would know that a moose could come out of nowhere. But we made it to the bridge and everything worked out.
All in all, it was a really great weekend. We all had so much fun and I met some new people. 
*Sorry I don't have any pictures though!*
Today is my dad's and his twin sister's birthday! I won't reveal his age, he probably wouldn't like that, haha. We celebrated last night with a family dinner of chicken, potatoes, carrots, broccoli,  and stuffing. And for dessert, mom made root beer pie! It was actually so good!
Here is a recipe: http://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahwilliams/make-this-root-beer-pie-with-your-kiddo-for-pie-day#.qceQrwkNE
I got a tie as a present for my dad. It was $3 at Value Village and I know he usually likes blue ties, haha. I love my dad. He always knows how to make me laugh and he's so strong.
Love you daddy and happy birthday!
With his root beer pie!

Also, happy birthday to Auntie Karen :) xoxo

Monday, 7 March 2016

Little Things

For the past couple days, I've been a little cranky. So I thought I would blog about good things to make me a little more cheery. 

Sleeping with a puppy can be tough because sometimes she wants to take up the whole bed and she gets up a lot to go outside for a potty break. With that, I'm up and down at weird hours of the morning. Sometimes I'm still kind of asleep while waiting for her to go pee. But I know this is natural. She's still young and still needs to get up to go. She's pretty cute too, so I can't resist.

I feel bad because I don't often have much to say about Meeko. She's pretty moody. For example, this morning she scratched my face but sometimes if you get her at the right time, she'll give you adorable pur filled cuddles. She's also just... well crazy!
It can be a love/hate relationship, but I mostly love her even when she scratches me.
Now to move on from my pets, because I know I talk about them a lot! (But oh well)
I went to visit my grandma in Moncton on February 27. She's pretty sweet. She's paralysed and in a wheelchair, and I think she's losing some of her memory. Some days are better than others, but I know she can't help it. On this visit, we brought her a balloon for her birthday and she said hi to us, and mom helped her eat lunch. We took her back to room after she ate, but kind of fell asleep. We tidied a bit and chatted with my uncle before we had to leave. 
I'm grateful to have seen grandma for at least a little bit. It's not easy to get over to Moncton to see her. Luckily on this day, mom and I were both free to go over to see her. 
And go to Bath & Body Works for lovely hand soaps ;)

My quilt is coming along. I'm learning quite a bit. I've been borrowing a sewing machine from my co-worker, but I think I'll buy my own soon. I'm totally up for learning more for my sewing skills. 
I LOVE the colours I picked. I was sceptical, but not anymore!

To finish off, here is another little thing I enjoyed last week. Alyssa came over to the house to make salad dressing and while washing her dishes, Winnie wanted to help. (Puppy is getting so big!)

I hope this post has cheered anyone up who was feeling cranky!!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Minolta pictures!

The first roll of film was really just a test run to see how they turned out, but I'm pleased with my progress. I can't wait to take more!!