Sunday, 11 September 2016

September is here!

Sorry I haven't written in about two weeks. It's been rough and nothing too exciting has been happening. I'll just try to point out some highlights:

On September 3, I was able to go to my Aunt Karen's house for supper with her and my family and her friends. We were doing a tribute night to my Uncle Paul who passed away on September 3 of last year. We were able to share stories and laugh a lot. We had some of his favourite foods and looked at pictures of him as well. Paul was such a sweetheart. Although losing him came at a rather critical part in my life, I know now through my faith that he's still well and God's plan always follows through.

On Labour Day (September 5), we attended a BBQ at the home of a family in our ward. There were other families there too, so it was nice to have a relaxing day chatting and eating food. They also live near the north shore of the Island, so they had a lovely view of the water for all of us to enjoy. 
I also took Winnie for a walk that night at a park near my house. She was a little hyper, but then again, we also had to walk fast since there was mosquitoes. 

The day after Labour day, I went to the hospital with Alyssa and Haig because they were going for an ultrasound to see the baby. It was my first time being at an ultrasound! I heard the baby's heartbeat and saw the face. It was so wonderful. And I made it all through without crying!
Before going in, Haig turned to me and said, "Now don't feel weird about this, but... the baby is naked." So funny!

Of course, I've been working a lot. We got new computer systems in the store so its been difficult to learn all the new procedures. I mean, its easy at the same time, but when it's brand new and you haven't had much training, it's difficult. Hopefully, we'll all figure it out soon.
At least last night, I went to dinner at Maid Marian's with my coworkers. That was nice for us to enjoy time outside of work together.
Also last night, I went to my friends Kailey and David's house for a bonfire. They live about right outside of Mount Stewart and it was a little chilly, but David was really good at keeping the fire going. 

I'm going to do a fashion part of this post, since I don't really do them. 
I was able to finally attend all my church meetings today. That made me feel good so I decided to dress good, because why not?! Heavenly Father blesses me so much, which makes me do my best to stay modest for Him.
It's a simple and comfy black and white outfit with a pop of colour in the shoes. Perfect for looking classy and cute.

Shirt: Old Navy, t-shirt underneath is Joe Fresh
Skirt: Reitmans
Shoes: Rockport (Of course!)
Watch: Michael's

I have to admit, there was some stressful times in the past couple weeks. When Keaton went back home after his trip out here, it took me a couple days to get my emotions back in order. And we had to get back into our routine of talking on the phone or video calling. 
I've said it once and I'll say it again: as hard as it is being in a long distance relationship with Keaton, it is so worth it. No matter what. We both know what we want and we're working hard together and separately to make sure we get there. We are so blessed to love each other as much as we do.
Quick snapshot from his PEI visit. As if you can't already get enough of us ;)

Looking forward though! 
Tomorrow is Meeko's second birthday! I can't believe she's two already! Please stay a kitty forever Meeko!

Okay, let's all stay calm! This will be my first time going to Utah and going to see general conference live. I'm listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as I write this, which is perfect! It will be so great to go with Megan. She has such a sweet spirit and loves the gospel so much. And Keaton will be coming with us too, which makes me beyond happy. Going to general conference with two of my best friends is a true blessing and I can't wait :)