Monday, 29 August 2016

Keaton came to PEI!

It wasn't too long after I got back from Edmonton when Keaton decided he wanted to come out to PEI to visit me and see some other places from his mission. 
Keaton flew into Moncton on August 19th and travelled by train to Miramichi for a wedding (on the 20th) of a couple he taught while on his mission. From there, he went to Amherst and attended church there on the 21st. I had to work 10-3, so he was able to get a drive to the bridge and take the shuttle bus across. I drove to Borden to meet him there. It was exhilarating to see him get off the bus, drop his bags while walking to me and going in for the hug was one of the best. My heart was pounding.
We then spent some time around the bridge so he could see it up close and look at the nice views. From there, we went to Victoria by the Sea for a picnic dinner I had packed. He got to see PEI's oldest tree and the lighthouse there. Again, the views are stunning. We came home and my parents had made dinner. We had already eaten, but Keaton had some fresh corn on the cob. We then had a small family celebration for Winnie's first birthday! We fed her some cake and ice cream which she loved! We then went to see my friend Timothy to discuss some things for the YSA conference we held over the weekend. After that, we came back home and had a bonfire with my family.

Monday: I took Keaton to Maid Marian's in Charlottetown for brunch and he loved it. We went downtown for a bit, touring Peake's Quay and visiting a few different stores. We also went to visit my best friend Emily so she could finally meet Keaton after only talking to him on the phone.
After dinner with my family, we went to visit Bob and Pat Steen from my ward.

Tuesday: When Keaton was on his mission out here, he served in Summerside. We decided to take a trip there to visit some friends and tour a bit. We went to Spinnaker's Landing and the Fox Museum. The branch president and his wife at the church there own a new ice cream shop in a historic home. It's called Holmans Ice Cream Parlour and it was really great! We both got ice cream cones; Keaton had s'more and I had raspberry cheesecake ice. We came back to Charlottetown since I had to work 4-9:30.

Wednesday: I worked 9:30-3. After work, we got in contact with Elder and Sister Edwards who are a missionary couple serving in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. Keaton and I both met them while in Grand Falls, and they were travelling on PEI while Keaton was too! We took them to Richard's Fish and Chips in Covehead. My family came with us as well and we all had a good time talking.
After that, Keaton and I drove down to Stanhope to spend some time on the beach and watch the sunset. We went back home after that and went downtown again with Alyssa and Haig. We saw Freak Lunchbox and Victoria Row. And we might have gone to Victoria Park to hunt some Pokemon (mostly Haig and I though, haha).

Thursday: Although it was a little cloudy, we went to Cavendish Beach for a little bit. We didn't really swim but we did go in the water, and it was pretty cold! We also visited the Cavendish boardwalk and got t-shirts at Cows (We got the Star Wars ones). Then we got Beavertails because they are delicious!
We came back to town and got changed since I had to work again from 4-9:30. Keaton came to get me when I was off and we met Tim at Superstore to buy some groceries for the YSA conference. Keaton and I went downtown once more to get Cows ice cream ... then went to Taco Boyz around 1 a.m. to get nachos. We were both really tired, but those nachos were so good and we watched a bit of late night shows on TV.

Friday: I had to work 10-3, so Keaton went with Tim to organise some more things for the conference. I picked him up when I was off and we came home to pack up everything we needed to take to the camp. I should also say we rented out a Camp Keir here on PEI for the conference. We took everything out and started a few things to set up. Keaton and I did come back into town to get a few more things, then went back out to start registration. People from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine and Quebec came. (Aside from Keaton, we also had another guy from Edmonton!)
Once everyone was registered, we started our bonfire and heard from one of our guest speakers named Thad Mandin. He is a Seminary and Institute director in Calgary and he is also very involved with church music programs. He spoke to us for a little bit near the fire and that was good. After that, everyone was free to stay at the fire or do their own thing. Keaton and I wandered around for a bit on the camp grounds and the beach. We wanted a late night snack, so we came back into town for some McDonald's. When we got back, we went to the beach for a little longer to stargaze before going to bed.
Saturday: Everyone got up for breakfast, then we split the group of YSA in half. One group went with Brother Mandin, who did a singing lesson/program for 90 minutes, The other group went with President Fox and his wife Sister Fox (He is the Halifax Temple president) for 45 minutes, then the other 45 minutes with Rick Cartier and Blair Aitken. They worked together to do a Q&A for anyone who had questions with things pertaining to the gospel. Even if you didn't have your own question, it was still good to hear others being answered. Before lunch, both groups got together and performed the songs we had practised with Brother Mandin. After lunch, we gave everyone free time for sports or swimming at the beach or whatever activities they chose. Keaton and I walked on the beach a little more, then decided to go to Cornwall for ice cream at Deckers, then I took him to a nearby park I played at when I was kid. When we got back to the camp, we set up some decorations for the dance and helped a bit with dinner preparation. We had a turkey dinner and then let people get ready for the dance.

We did a tacky 80s prom for the theme. The dress I chose from Value Village was more so a 90s style, but I thought it still worked. Plus, the dusty rose colour matched so well with Keaton's burgundy suit coat! The room where we had the dance was pretty warm, so a lot of people left early unfortunately. I was happy with the people who stayed in and danced with me and Keaton the whole time. After the dance, we all cleaned up and everyone did their own things again. Keaton and I sat near the bonfire for a bit with some other YSA, telling riddles and stories. Then we went to stargaze at the beach again.

Sunday: My parents came in early to help take some things back to town. We set out breakfast and told everyone to pack up before coming to eat. Once everyone was done eating breakfast, we had them make their lunches and put them in the fridge. After that, we got everyone rallied to help clean the facility since we had to be gone by 1 p.m. that afternoon. And with all that teamwork, we got it done with time to spare. We set up chairs to have our sacrament and testimony meeting. While waiting for it to start, Keaton and I read from the scriptures and talked about it. The meeting started a little after 10. Keaton and I both got up to share our testimonies with the YSA group, and that was amazing. We ended around 12, cleaned up some more and said good byes to our wonderful group.
*QUICK SHOUT OUT to everyone and anyone who came out for the conference and helped in any way! We really appreciated it!*
Keaton and I and the rest of the Charlottetown YSA came back to town to go to the church to drop some things off and to meet other members for a linger longer after church. I was able to introduce Keaton to members in my ward so they could finally meet him.
After church, we came home and put some of our things away. We started to watch a bit of The Office, but I fell asleep. Keaton and mom woke me up to tell me we would start making supper soon. We shucked some corn and set the table. We had some visitors over for supper. They are the Corries from Edmonton. Mom and dad invited them and they know Keaton!
After we ate, Keaton and I drove to Fairview for a bit to visit my Aunt Karen since she wanted to meet him. We were able to talk to her about some life things going on with us.
Alyssa got off work at 10, then she and Haig came over to see us again. We also had a visit from our lovely friend Megan who had just returned from Honduras! I loved seeing her and she got to meet Keaton for the first time as well. After she left, the four of us had some hot chocolate and had a chat.
Alyssa and Haig left before midnight, so Keaton and I decided to watch some more of The Office. Although, we didn't get very far since we both ended up passing out on the couch. 
Monday morning: We slept until a little after 4 a.m. and woke up when my parents did. They were taking my brother Bryan to the airport as well because he's going to China to teach English! By the way, he made these plans like a week ago, so that was interesting to see my boyfriend and older brother leave at the same time...
I drove Keaton to the airport in my own car. Just like when I left Edmonton, there was a lot of crying and hugging.
We actually weren't sure if this goodbye was going to be easier or harder ... I have to say it's a bit of both, almost bittersweet. Although we had an amazing week together, it was still the hardest thing to leave the airport by myself and having so many emotions all at once. One good thing we can remember though is that Megan and I are going to Salt Lake City in a month for general conference and Keaton is making plans to drive down and come with us.
We have so much determination to keep going, even as tough as long distance can be. We still have our faith in God and trust in each other.
Until next time, my love :)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Parties and new cars

So Pokemon GO is a cool thing. And it's really awesome! I'll be honest, I haven't been playing it a lot lately since I can't overuse my data when I'm out and about, but it's still really good. Alyssa and Haig have been my best partners for it.

On July 30, we had a 30th wedding anniversary party for my amazing parents. Their anniversary is actually August 2, but we had to pick the right date so family and friends would be able to come. We had a really good bunch of people come. And we had good treats and music and pretty decorations. I'm really happy we did this for my parents. They've done a lot for us, so this party was a really good way to return the favour. We love you Mom and Dad! :)

I haven't been to church in a while since I work most Sunday's. That sucks and kind of upsets me, but I know as long as I keep praying and reading scriptures, I'll be given the strength I need. I had an episode last week where I was very stressed and crying puddles. I ended up on my knees beside my bed praying that I would feel comforted and to just breathe and try to make it through. Next thing I know, Winnie was laying in my bed and came right up to give me a hug but resting her head on my shoulder. I did receive the comfort I desired and got an awesome hug from my awesome dog. (This picture is not from that experience, but it was still cute when Winnie decided to rest with me while I was reading one morning.)
I also made these crafts at a relief society meeting one night. I'm super proud of them since I'm normally not a crafty person. Both of them are hanging up in my room now :)

On Sunday August 7, I had some visitors on P.E.I. 
Keaton's sister Courtney and her husband Tom were making a east coast trip before they move back to Alberta (They were living in Kingston ON, where Tom was going to school.) This was my first time meeting them so we invited them over for dinner. It was awesome to talk to them and get to know them a little bit more. 

I made a really good adulting choice this week as well. I got my own car! She's a 2005 Toyota Corolla and her name is Carla. which is not a pun on the word "car". Keaton and I decided to pick a name together and we were going to go with Carl but I thought the Corolla looked a little more feminine, so we both decided with Carla. 

Lastly, I'm very excited for next Sunday for when I'll be driving to Amherst NS to get Keaton because he's coming to visit me! We are going to have so many things to do, so hopefully I'll have plenty to write about! :) 
Bye for now folks!