Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Adjusting to Alberta

This has been a really easy transition, surprisingly. I miss home, but things are going pretty well here, I don't have to think about it too much!

A couple weeks ago, Austen's girlfriend Caitlin came to visit from Washington. She was supposed to arrive Saturday Nov. 5, but she told Keaton and I she was coming Nov. 4 to surprise Austen a day early! And he was very much surprised!
I feel bad because Keaton and I were pretty busy while she was here and only got to really hang out with her a few times. She did go to some of the twins' play rehearsals (They're going to be in "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" this week!) so that was good of her to see. We did go to lunch with Jackie and other friends one of the days. Theo and Kenzie came up from Calgary to see her and Courtney and Tom came and stayed too. We all had a murder mystery game one night and that was hilarious! 
But it was definitely cool to get to know her better!

Work is still going well. Christmas is right around the corner which means we'll be getting busier, especially all over the West Edmonton Mall. So I'll be on my toes for a while! I'll also have to start thinking of gifts for people pretty soon!

As I mentioned above, Keaton and Austen have been working for a few months on the play. And that's the reason why they have the beards! (Because everyone keeps asking why!) It should be good. I had never heard of the musical until Keaton told me about it! They have a really good director so I'm sure I'll like it a lot!
The twins also got their braces on when Caitlin was visiting, so it was cool for both of us to be there to support our men with that. And we still love them with their braces and scruffy hair. I've had braces, so I know exactly what they're going through!
(Here is the before shot! Then we can compare them side by side when he gets them off! He's such a cutie <3)

I was also finally able to get my car the out of province inspection it needed and get it registered here! I couldn't get my new drivers licence right away, but I should get it soon! The Gibb's actually have a license plate collection in their garage, so they can add my old PEI one to the rest! 

I'll also add that things in our relationship have been so good. Sure, we're not perfect and we still argue about things, but we make up and always humble ourselves to communicate as best as we can. And I love falling for him more and more everyday. :)

Sorry not sorry about my lovey posts. Have a nice day everyone! ♥

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Did you know I still work at Rockport?

Before I left PEI, my old manager got an email from the manager of the Rockport store in the West Edmonton Mall asking me if I would like to be transferred to that store. We decided to meet together once I got to Edmonton to discuss it further. 

Before that though, on the first Sunday I was here, Keaton and I both fasted and prayed that if Rockport didn't work out, that things would go smoothly while looking for other work. It was challenge in my mind to decide if I should stay at a job I know so well or look for something where I would have to make different transitions.

I met the manager the next day and she offered me the full time third key, as the girl in that position is going on maternity leave. I wasn't sure though, since it would require me to work on Sunday's and Keaton and I both didn't want that.
At that time, the manager offered me a part time sales associate job to ease my way back into working in the store. And I was fine with that.

Since then, she and I have discussed it again. The prayers and hard work have paid off. She told me she could give me Sunday's off for the third key holder job. She said she respects that I go to church and there are other workers who don't mind working on that day. It was a great moment. I told her I would work every week day and Saturday if it meant I could get Sunday off.

*Dear readers, in case you didn't already know, prayer works! After I told Keaton the news, we were so humbled together. All because we have chosen to put God first and trust that He will always be there for us. I cannot stress enough that receiving answers from sincere prayers is a wonderful thing. And I'm so blessed to have my family back home and my family here to support me in so many things.*

Rockport for life! (Just kidding, I should probably get a grown up job some day.)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sunday morning pictures by Austen

When I first got to Edmonton, Austen told Keaton and I that if we were interested, he could take some pictures of us for some practice in photographing people. 
We agreed so we could have nice photos together and it was nice sort of way to remember me moving here. 
We walked on the High Level Bridge, on some train tracks and near the Legislature building. It was actually so cold, my knees turned purple at one point. I also got three blisters on my feet. But I didn't even care because the pictures turned out really good and I loved spending the time with Keaton while letting Austen test his photography skills.
Here are some of our favourites!