Thursday, 13 July 2017

22 and 150

First things first: I changed the website URL to include my new last name, so that is cool!

My Birthday!:
The Sunday before my birthday, we had family dinner at the Gibbs and Jackie had made me a giant heart shaped chocolate chip cake! I only ate about half of it with ice cream because I had just eaten dinner too! 
So the Monday before my birthday, I went to work, just like any normal day. I was helping some customers when a guy walked in with a rectangular box. I asked him if I could help him with anything. He said he was looking for Kayla Gibb and I was like "Oh that's me!" then I realized what was in the box. I signed for it and got so excited. Just like last year, Keaton had sent chocolate covered strawberries to my work! I texted him a really quick thank you and it was great! The customers I was helping wished me a happy birthday too! 
(For anyone who doesn't know, I got the same gift delivered to me last year at work, and it was so sweet!)

On my actual birthday, I had the day off, so I lazed around and watched Grey's Anatomy. Keaton got off work early and took me to WEM where I got a new jacket and socks from Mark's (both intended for the Mount Robson hike). We went to Red Robin for dinner, and I got a free birthday burger! Our waitress came when we finished eating and said if we filled out an online survey, we could get a free dessert! We did just that and we got a slice of cheesecake. We took it home and I called my mom for a bit. Then I was picked up by my visiting teaching companion so we could head out to visit teach! She is super nice and the women we visit are so great! After that, I came home to see Keaton and got to watch some more Netflix and indulge in the cheesecake!

Canada Day weekend:
June 30 marked one year since I first came to visit Keaton in Edmonton. We decided to recreate what happened when I did! After I got off work on that day, we went home to pack up an overnight bag and we went to Sherwood Park. We played some cards with Jackie and Eldon. Then around 10 p.m., we went to the same McDonald's to get dollar drinks! We took them home and watched How I Met Your Mother (last year was The Office). We then to bed, in the same room I stayed in!
2016 vs. 2017

Saturday, we got up and got ready for the holiday! First was pancake breakfast at town hall! We watched most of the parade, but we were mainly waiting for the Sherwood Park Music Festival float, since Jackie was helping with that one! We waved at her when she went by, then we decided to walk around Festival Place. 
Before heading out, we got Uncle Milts old fashioned root beer, which is great as always!
(Please note, Keaton has East Coast Lifestyle and I have Prince Edward Island. Some guy walked by and tried to tell us they should say West Coast, but we ignored him, because we're all Canadian here! Why does it matter if we wear a bit of East Coast pride?? Also, I'm from PEI, so it totally counts!)

We drove into the city and went to Duchess Bakery, where Jackie took us last year for lunch. Keaton got a meat quiche, and I got a vegetarian one. Both came with a salad. We also got one of their mini cakes and a chocolate chip cookie! 
(Not the best picture, but it was so delicious!)

We parked the car close to MacEwan and took out food on the LRT to the legislature building. We walked up to the spot we got engaged where they have a couple tables to eat at. It was special and so nice outside! We walked around some more and heard some music and saw lots of cute dogs!! 

We drove back to Sherwood Park and went with Jackie to a BBQ at our family friends, the Boutin's. It started raining a lot so we had to eat inside but it was still very good! Austen and Caitlin and Courtney all joined it as well. Eldon was there for a bit, but he was helping set up fireworks at Festival place so he had to leave early!
We went back home and relaxed for a while and played some Wii Mario Kart. 
We drove to park at Sherwood Park mall to watch the fireworks, which were pretty great!! There was some traffic while leaving, but we got home safe and sound! 

Canada Day was so great and I hope everyone was able to enjoy it!

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