Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Couches, crock pots and cookies!

We've been busy. We work full time, we've been trying to get our apartment in order, we have family events and we also have to sleep sometimes! Haha but we've been doing good! 
I've decided not to put a lot of wedding photos on the blog since they're all on Facebook anyway, but this is the one I posted on Instagram for our one month anniversary!

Hey Keaton, I love you a lot

As for our apartment, we recently got a new/used couch and ottoman. For anyone who doesn't know, when I moved into the apartment, we got a free couch, thinking "hey, a free couch that's kind of functional." Then a couple weeks ago, we were like "....Yeah, let's look for a new couch" because it wasn't as cushiony and it looked dirty even after we cleaned it! 
Keaton looked on Kijiji and LetGo and he found a leather one from a guy in Lamont. Uncle Tyler was nice enough to take Keaton in his truck to pick it up, and Jackie and Eldon brought it to us over the weekend in their van! (Thanks guys!) We also got an ottoman from a guy in Windermere, which is actually in great condition, despite being 10 years old and in a house with cats! We're quite happy with it! We also got some nice curtains for our living room that are very sweet. 

We also try to cook together. One night, Keaton made cookie dough then we made the cookies after he picked me up from work, so that was a good team effort for our delicious cookies! I've been trying to use my Crock Pot. So far, I made chilli and root beet pulled pork. Both turned out so good!! I can't wait to try more things. Feel free to send me recipe ideas!
(The night I made pulled pork, we had poutine with it! SO GOOD)

Sunday was Father's Day as well! We went home to Sherwood Park and we talked to my parents on Skype for a while. We also made our thank you cards so those will be around soon!! We had family dinner and we also had the sister missionaries over for that! We gave Eldon a shirt with Darth Vader on it that says "I Am Your Father". After dinner, we chatted for a bit and played the game Psych on our phones. We came back into the city and stopped by the house Keaton used to live in to visit his former roomates and play a couple rounds of Super Smash Bros.
And driving home, we saw an amazing sunset!! Good thing we live on the west end is what Keaton said. I just love pink clouds!

We have some more busy times coming up! Next week, we have my 22nd birthday and Canada Day is next Saturday which will be great! #Canada150 I'm really excited for it!
I have a red PEI shirt to wear, to remember home and to wear red for the day! :)

I'll try to write again soon! <3


  1. Probably find some good stuff on Kijiji. You should see if there's a Facebook page for your area for free stuff. Jessica found good stuff that way for her place.

    1. Definitely! I constantly browse the pages like that for Edmonton, it has been useful for some of our other furniture