Wednesday, 22 March 2017

East Coast visit

From March 15-19, I had the great opportunity of going home to PEI to visit for a few days!

Day 1 - it's long, but it's interesting!!
Keaton and I woke up around 3:30 a.m. to get my things ready and drive to the airport, since it's about a 30 min drive. He dropped me off at the doors since we didn't want to pay for parking. I checked into my flight at the kiosks and dropped my suitcase off. The flight was at 6, so I had about 30 minutes to get through security. I walked through the metal detector and had to get pat down in a random search. Then I had to leave some liquids behind since they wouldn't fit in the "proper baggies".
After security, I went to the gate and they were about to board my zone. The plane had to be de-iced before taking off, so I eavesdropped the women sitting behind me... man they were pretty talkative for 6 a.m.! 
I started to watch Moana but I ended up sleeping for most of it, and saw the ending... and I tried to read some scriptures and fell asleep again! Our plane was a little late landing in Toronto because it was windy, but I had time until my next flight so I went to get Thai express for lunch. 
*now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down!* really though..
Then I sat down at my gate... the lady announced that the plane was oversold and she was taking volunteers to get on another flight. That's when I realised I should've checked in 24 hours before. My seat number said GTE which pretty much meant that I did not have a seat on this plane. I panicked as everyone else got on and the employee was seeing who else could go. So I was basically bumped off the plane without any warning... And I broke down crying at the desk as the employee tried to tell me what to do. She told me to head to customer service and have them reroute my flights. The line was huge and I was stuck in it for about an hour. All in the meantime, I was trying to call Keaton and my mom and sister about the rearrangement of my travel plans. Keaton and Alyssa and Amanda were all emailing Air Canada to tell them our inconveniences. When I got to the desk, they were able to put me on a 6:55 p.m. flight to Halifax with a flight to Charlottetown the next morning, which I accepted because I did not want to spend the night in Toronto. One perk about this was I was promised a reimbursement for the trouble. I took my ticket and Alyssa immediately texted her mother in law Nichla to get me at the airport that night. I was sitting at what I thought was the gate, but lucky for me, I added my boarding passes to my phone and it notified me that the gate number changed. I went to grab some snacks when I noticed a guy who was on my previous flight and was in the customer service line with me sitting at the older gate. I asked if he was on the Halifax flight and he said yes so I told him the gate number changed. We sat together while waiting to board and chatted about some things. I noticed my boarding pass had GTE for a seat number so I made sure to go check I was going to get a new ticket. The lady was a little busy so I felt bad, but she called out my name and gave me my assigned seat! Finally! 
I ran to the line as soon as they called zone 3! On this plane, the TV's weren't working very well so I rested my eyes a little bit. When we landed, Haig's mom Nichla was there to get me. However, my luggage was missing in action so I had to talk to someone at baggage services. After they did what they could, we went down to Air Canada service to check in to my morning flight and got the boarding pass. I made sure for certain that I had a seat number. Nichla took me home and I had a sandwich and took a quick shower, called Keaton then I went to bed!

Day 2
Nichla woke me up and I had a bit of breakfast and we left for the airport. She dropped me off since I had to get through security and head to the gate. I got there in time and they loaded the plane about 20 minutes later. I was on an 18 passenger plane, which was tight and small. And I was at the very back! However, the flight was a short ride. When I got off the plane, my dad and Alyssa with little Haig and Amanda with little Kinsley were waiting for me! Alysa held a sign that said "Welcome home Auntie Kayla! I've been waiting my whole life to meet you!" Which was the sweetest thing! And my luggage I had thought I lost was at the airport already! Thank goodness! Dad got my stuff in the car and took me home to see Winnie, which was a lovely reuniting. He then had some errands to run, so he took me to Alyssa's apartment and we went to run some errands on our own and caught up on things. She dropped me off at moms work where I got the car and went to visit my old manager at Rockport. Then I went home and relaxed for a bit. Dad started making waffles for dinner while I went to pick up mom. We came back and ate then mom and I went to Alyssa's since she was putting on a mini bridal shower for me. We had some desserts and some presents and good chatting. Mom and I stayed a bit longer because she wanted to see if she could help little Haig since he was getting fussy. But Alyssa told us to head home so we did. I relaxed a little more before going to bed. 

Me and my beautiful bridesmaids to be!

Day 3
We got up early and got ready to drive to Halifax. While on the way, we stopped at Masstown Market just outside of Truro so Alyssa could feed little Haig and we could grab a snack. When we arrived in Halifax, we tried to go to the place to get a marriage licence, but I only had a home photocopied version of Keaton's passport and she told us it had to be the real thing or a "certified copy" which had to be signed by a doctor or lawyer (which they don't specify that on their website so I wasn't too impressed).
We went to the Pinsent's, then mom and dad and I went to Eastern Passage to check out a restaurant for the family dinner after my wedding. When we went back to the house, I took a quick nap. I got up in time to get dressed and mom and dad and I went to the temple. I had to be there about and hour and a half before the endowment session. I was pretty nervous and cried a bit while waiting. It was really great when Bob and Pat Steen arrived just to see me go through the temple. I won't talk too much about what happened, but it was pretty wonderful. We went back to the Pinsent's after and had some late dinner and mostly relaxed for a bit. 

Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

Day 4
We decided to go do another session at the temple. It was French, but they accommodated for the English people there. It was still interesting since I know a bit of my French still. There was also a lot of Elder missionaries there and one who knows Keaton came to talk to me when we were leaving the temple. We then went to get Alyssa and baby Haig and got back on the road, with another stop at Masstown Market to feed and change baby. When we got back home, mom ordered pizza and we went to pick it up. I also checked into my flight super early to make sure I got seats! When we came back, Haig was off work and we had family dinner. The Pinsent's left after a bit to take baby to bed, so mom and I went through photos for the wedding slideshow. (Trust me, there's some good ones). We also chatted a bit and then went to bed.

"Here Haig, hold my snacks! You;re not doing anything anyway!"

Day 5
We went to church all together. After Sacrament meeting, mom and I handed out wedding announcements to people and I got to talk to them. Mom and I attended Sunday school because dad was teaching. And I still talked to people after that! And mom was teaching right after in relief society! We went back home after church and I had some soup for lunch and got my stuff packed up. The Pinsent's came back over and so did Amanda and Kinsley. We had a nice time chatting together and laughing. We video called Keaton as well so he could see the babies! It was around 4 when we had to leave for the airport so I had to say my goodbyes. I almost cried when hugging mom and dad but they told me not to. 

We had to get a sister picture at church!

My favourites!

My flight was to Toronto first. When I got there, I made sure where my gate was and went to get a snack at Tim Horton's. I wasn't looking forward to my 4 hour flight to Edmonton, but there could be longer plane rides to take! I put La La Land on but eventually passed out. When the movie was done, I slept again, but it wasn't comfortable. However when we began the descent, I was a little more awake. When we landed, Keaton was almost at the airport and said he would be outside at curb side pick up. I waited for my luggage and then went to the bathroom, since I realised I wasn't feeling well. I went outside after and met up with him and it was so nice! Originally I was going to drop him off at his apartment then drive home to Sherwood Park, but it was snowing and I felt sick, so he decided to come all the way home with me to avoid me having to drive in bad weather and not feeling well. When we got there, I just wanted to lay on the floor, but I did get up and got in bed. 

The morning after... when the jet lag settled in...
Yep, so that next day was pretty bad. I was feeling okay after I showered and drove Keaton back to his apartment. But when I got to the mall, I realised that I was VERY tired, not to mention that I started to get a sore throat and cough. I tried to nap a bit before opening the store, but it didn't help. Needless to say, I texted the other third key holder and asked him to come in when he was done of school and he agreed so that was a really good help! I went to Keaton's after and slept for a good while until he came home from school. We decided to go back home so I would be ready for sleep. We also stopped for a Kijiji microwave on the way there (for $40!). He made me soup, and then I decided to take a hot bath since my muscles were pretty sore. Around 9, I started to get ready for bed. Keaton came to say good night and I passed out pretty fast. He even came in to collect my garbage and I didn't hear a thing! He's so good for taking care of me :)

SO I'm getting back to my regular routine again in Edmonton, but it was such a good trip! And I was so happy to meet my little nephew Haig Arthur, he is absolutely so perfect. I got to attend the temple with my parents and my sister by side, plus Bob and Pat Steen and Brittany Criss. And we were able to talk about more wedding plans!
I appreciate everyone who helped me and prayed for me along the way and made it so special for me! <3

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